Pokemon Go PC Game was only made for mobile, but now I am giving it to you via a trick. This trick or method is 100% working, I tested it.

Pokemon Go Game Play

After creating an account on the installment, player manages a profile picture. It is very necessary to make an account or profile because it helps in map. Whenever, you face a difficulty in finding a place, then you obviously see map. Avatar is shown at there, so you find at which place you are standing now and on which side, you should go.

Download Pokemon Go For PC

PokeStops are made to stay where this cartoon gets the different items to eat or to get energy. I was getting many request to upload, so I decided to upload, but it was not for PC, so I researched about it. Finally, I got a way to play it on PC and I will tell A-Z method in the last part.

Pokemon Go Game Free Download For Windows
Here is a picture of Pokemon and I watched the cartoon many times when I was at the age of about 9 years. I really liked the cartoon, but now I am at the age of 16, so I wish to play games instead of watching shows. You will surely love to play this APK game on your PC. 

Pokemon Go Play and Download Online

There are three shots of this installment in a single screen shot. All these show a different story, which generally means that it has many mini games not a single one. I have a similar submission, which is also derived from Cartoons, so Download Chota Bheem Games for PC.  

Download Pokemon All Games for PC

This is the enemy and you can see two different things at the top of this character that are used to throw bombs. You need to keep yourself safe from these mini bombs and move forward. When you will not make any attack, so you can't win the fight or anything else. Keep this beautiful suggestion in your minds. 

How to Run Pokemon Go On PC!

First get this installment from anywhere. An application is used to run android apps or games on desktop. The name of that application is "Andy" and "BlueStacks". Install any one of these, it makes your computer a android phone. 

System Requirements

Friends, no system requirement is needed to play Pokemon Go game. Enjoy and for more, mention my name. Do you know my name? :D

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  1. It's hard to carry around a computer, ya know.

  2. it can harm computer
    do something
    Junaid Khattak

    1. Pokemon Go Game does not harm your computer, but via using this method, it makes this PC very low.

  3. i like your website bro keep uploading new games


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