Paragon 1 Game is easy to play and a best robotic game ever in the world's gaming history. I am sure that you will never find an installment like this.

Paragon 1 Game Play

Epic Games are the developer and publisher and they have published it in the third or fourth quarter of the year 2016 and Unreal 4 is the engine name while the main credit goes to Steve, who is actually the director. You can't play it offline because of availability of single-player mode.

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We can consider it as a fighting or shooting activity because it comprises all above-mentioned scenes. It comprises many mods and due to the lacks of time, I am not able to tell those features, but you must know that all those are very outstanding and you will get a lot of fun through them.

Paragon 1 Game Free Download

The robot is present here and you can clearly watch his body and it has many different extra parts from  normal human body, those parts are used to kill the enemies and detect some unknown tricks. These are only qualities of this character user could also customize the parts of the body.

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A whole, which you can see in the top corner of the screen shot is the way to come into this area. Player can change the location and there are thousands of the states to visit and fight. I like this one because of space to hide yourself. It depends upon you which home, you want to live. You can earn points by picking orange balls. 

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Different types of weapons are used and there are limitations on this issue. Man could get free access to all guns if that man has enough points that he got from the match. A mode is created in which you can enter with points and can unlock all those players that you want. So, keep this message in your mind that you must have points in your pocket. If you want more entertainment, then download Battlefield 1 Game that is available for PC.

How to Play Paragon 1 for PC?

First, get the game and install it simply. After that, get the server to play. There, you will multiple groups, join each of one at a time. If players are online in that group, then join and be a part of group or entertainment.

System Requirements!

CPU= Intel Core it 2.8 GHz 
Ram=  8 GB
Graphics card= 4 GB'
Operating systems= Windows 7 Only 64 bits
Hard disk space require= 16 GB
Keyboard + Mouse
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