Grand Theft Auto 2 Game is a second installment of the GTA series and I am going to tell some reviews of this product.

Grand Theft Auto 2 Game Overview

It is an open world action as well as adventure fun activity was released in 1999 for the gaming consoles like Microsoft windows, PlayStation, Dreamcast and mobile as well. I will tell you everything about this in the article.
Grand Theft Auto 2 PC Download
You must know that only a single-player is able to play this version. This game has many defects including a wrong camera view, graphics, sound system and many others, which I can't tell in the small article.
Download Grand Theft Auto 2 Setup
As I have told you that this is bad in the camera view and in this clear screen shot, you can observe that a view from the top instead from the front. With this, user can't clear any mission well.
Download Grand Theft Auto 2 For PC
I am simply saying that I don't love this due to some issues and problems. You cannot drive the car in a beautiful way. Weapons are of poor type. I do not enjoy this installment, but you may love this. It is up to you how much good you manage.
Download Grand Theft Auto 2 Game
Oh no! Our player has died because he has fallen into the water and he cannot swim in the water and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Download was the first product in which a user can swim.

A list of Gangs!

There are six gangs in this version and I am going to inform about that groups in the steps form.
  1. Zaibatsu
  2. Yakuza
  3. Russian Mafia 
  4. Hare Krishna 
  5. Loonies 
  6. Rednecks 
I have given the all information that I got after playing this product and now, you have to look at the following main topic.

System Requirements

CPU= Pentium 4
Ram= 128 MB
Graphics card (VGA)= 16 MB
Operating System= Windows Xp, 98, Vista, Windows 7 (16 + 32 bits)
Hard disk space require= 600 MB

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