It is a nice and new installment that is free and you can get this from here completely free and now take a look at this. 

Battlefield 3 PC Game Overview

It is a new and modern first-person shooting video product that presented by EA Sports and Sega and developed by EA Digital Illusions CE on the year of 2013 for all the Microsoft windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 as well.
Battlefield 3 Game Torrent Download
A man is showing inside this cover with bulletproof jacket and modern weapons. The weapons are allowed of different types such as light machine guns, DAO-12 semi-automatic shotgun and many others. Totally 10 new guns, 4 vehicles, 5 new trophies and a new mode is also added that is called as "Assignments".
Battlefield 3 Game Setup Download
It is 3D version and there are many sections like squad, scoreboard, suicide and I think that all these are options of multiplayer mode. You can enjoy this as a single-man as well as can play with your friends.
Battlefield 3 Highly Compressed Game Download
Wow! Inside this screen shot, there are two fighters and one of them is on helicopter while other man is on bike and in my opinion, helicopter could win because it can go up into the sky.
Battlefield 3 Game Kickass Download
Friends, this is third product of the series and first two games were not good, so that is the reason, I am directly publishing the third one. Thanks for reading this information and I hope that you will be feeling good and waiting to play this.

How To Install?

Simply, extract the folder and then you will get a full setup. Just open it and install the setup like other games. For downloading, you must have installed a torrent software.

System Requirements

CPU= Intel Core 2 Duo
Ram= 2 GB
Graphics card (VGA)=  512 MB

Operating system= Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (32 + 64 bits)

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    1. Thanks for supporting my website and please update me if any link is broken. :)

  2. There are two disk images what should i do with them ? and another 2 .sfv file :( please tell me i din't waste my 14Gb and my time

    1. First of all, watch battlefield 3 game installation method on youtube, then comment here. Why all Indians have limited package? Is there any restriction? If you still face the problem, then comment me. I will help to solve problem.

    2. i get 40mb/s till i use 100Gb data after that i get 5mb/s Unlimited :D :) can u please put me a link ? I've just burned the disk image in to the pendrive what should i do after that? (After burning there is only one installation file i'e for origin) Please give me a link.

    3. OK! i got the link on Youtube :)

    4. What u want man? First, you said that link is available, now you are saying give me link, so what is this?

  3. hey junaid thanks for providing a wonderful game
    i have downloaded it but it shows online release time check error. what to do now? because i have tried many times but didn't work out. please help

  4. i cant play it ?? why :(
    done installation but i cant play it
    every time i click the game nothing happen
    please help :(

    sorry for bad english

    1. Which windows are you using? And are you sure you have downloaded Battlefield 3 Game or an ad? You can check it by comparing the size.

  5. does this game need any password? and i'm using windows 7 intel core i3 with 2gb ram will it support?

  6. im using windows 7 i3 2gb ram will i be able to play this game in my laptop? and do i need any password for the game?

  7. Arki, It does not require any password and you should have the graphics card more than 1 GB to play Battlefield 3 Game.

  8. why mine said bf3 has stop working???

    1. It will be a problem of Windows. On windows 7, multiple games stop running.


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