Test Drive 5 Game Setup Free Download For PC Full Version through a working link. You can acquire this product from this website totally free.

Test Drive 5 Game Overview

It is a car racing video installment that I really like because the roads are smooth and different tracks have been set by the composer. It published by Accolade and developed by Pitbull Syndicate on the year 1998. Friends, it is old installment, but its graphics are great and sound system as well.
Test Drive 5 Game Free Download Setup
It is the main photo of this Test Drive 5 Game and this is not a first product of this series, but the publisher succeeded in creating the five installments and all of them are awesome and brilliant. I have not words for all the fun activities that delivered by the publishing company. It permits Microsoft windows and PlayStation as well.
Test Drive 5 Game Free Download Full For PC
 Many new features were introduced inside this and those few previous features are still enjoying in the modern racing versions. The time is limited and if you will be able to get the checkpoint, then those checkpoints will help you in numerous ways,
Test Drive 5 Game Download PC Full Version
 The concept of map and speed meter were developed inside this full version installment. Like new features, several new cars were also showed by the creator. There are eighteen tracks and each way is different from each other, so that's why I love to play this.
Test Drive 5 Game PC Download
This screen shot reveals that the race is starting because you can observe the poster on the middle of this picture. It allows single-player as well as multi-player, therefore, you can enjoy this with your friends or relatives.

Test Drive 5 Game PC Download

You can get this computer installment free from here and it is 100% working and highly compressed. The file is in winrar (rar), so you must have installed the file extracting software for installation phenomena. It is not a demo, but complete edition.

System Requirements 

CPU= Pentium 3
Ram= 64 MB
Graphics card (VGA)= 8 MB
Operating system= Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (32 + 64 bits)
Hard disk space require= 160 MB

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