Download Subway Surfers Game For PC is a small, but interesting installment that is released for Microsoft Windows as well as for Androids. 

Subway Surfers Overview

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Subway Surfers is a small, but very interesting version that is published by Kiloo and developed by Kiloo and SYBO Games. It is actually a mobile or android game, but it is also play in pc. Now, I am going to tell you about Platforms of this product, which are iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 and Kindle.
Jack is running
Here is the screen shot of download subway surfers game for PC free. In this screen shot, you can see that our player named as Jack, which is free in this version, are running and trying to get magnet, which helps in collecting the coins by attraction. This product is easy in beginning because Jack runs very slow , but gradually when Jack started to run faster, then it makes many difficulties for you in making the high score.
Jack is getting X2 power-up
Here is another screen shot of download subway surfers game for android. In this shot, you can watch that Jack is running and trying to get X2, which help make your score double. This installment is very small and you do not need any high level PC to play it. As i discussed that this product can be played on PC as well as on Android. Yes, this is right, you can play this product on many Platforms.You can play this product online at any online site or web.
Jack is taking jet pack
 Friends, in this shot, Jack is trying to get Jet Pack, which helps fly in the sky. At sky, there is no trains or barriers, but there are just coins that are used for buying any type of character as well as for increasing power of all power-ups. You can see that Jack is on hover board that keeps you save after crashing. If you have made the high score and, then you got crashed, at that time, an option raises on the screen that is about the keys. You can get more chances from these keys in the download subway surfers game for PC free full version. In the previous screen shot, you can look that a man and a dog are running behind Jack. He is running because he wants to catch Jack. In this product, you can buy and get Mystery Box from the shop as well as during the run. When Jack opens this mystery box, then sometimes he gets coins, character tokens and hover board as well.

System Requirements!

Pentium 3
Ram = 128 MB
Graphics Card = 16 MB
Windows XP, Windows 7 and 8
Direct X 10

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