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Bloody Roar 2 Overview

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Bloody Roar 2  is a arcade game developed by Eighting/Raizing in 1999. It is different from other fighting games because in this installment players use many new attacks that have not been seen by you. It supports single-player as well as double-players. You can not play it online because online sites owners do not post such type of games. You can play Bloody Roar 2 game free download on Microsoft Windows such as XP,7 and 8.

Two players are fighting
In this picture, you can see that two fighters are fighting and  trying to win their round as well as stage. Both players have only 60 seconds time to win. All players have good skills that help them in order to win. Its requirements are not too much high. You do not need any high processor or graphics card for bloody roar 2 game to play.
Here is the screen shot of bloody roar 2 download. In this product, a stage has two rounds and they have to win all rounds to win a stage. I have played this installment many times, friends it is really awesome because of new attacks of these players.
Two fighters are fighting
  Here is another screen shot of bloody roar 2 free download for PC Softonic. In this screen shot, you can see that Yegu as well as Marvel are fighting and trying to win their rounds as well as a stage. It has unlimited credits that you can use after the losing fight. This series has many products, but it is the best installment of whole series. It has other products like 3,4 and last one is 5. Other products are also awesome like this.

System Requirements!
Pentium 4
Ram= 256 MB
Graphics Card= 32 MB
Windows Xp,Windows Vista,7 and 8(32 and 64 bits)
Direct X 11

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